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In a nutshell, The Plant Method is all about learning language through conversation lessons with a trained teacher.

It stands for Personalised Learning through Acceptance, Non-Judgment, and Trust. The teacher, whether online or in person, provides a safe place for the language learner to express themselves, all while receiving grammar instruction (when needed), and error correction.

We believe that every language learner has a rich life story, interests, and experiences, and a new language is learned through sharing those thoughts and experiences.


I am Jen Hill, the Founder of The Plant Method.

I come from Alberta, Canada, but I’m glad to call Prague, the Czech Republic, my home.

When I’m not teaching, I’m working on a writing project (most likely a novel), or taking a walk to a local park to watch a sunset. I also love chilling with my friends and enjoying a craft beer!

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Authentic Experiences

Because we focus on your life and your experiences, you remember and retain new vocabulary and grammar more easily.

Learning through Speaking

Our teachers correct mistakes and errors often in class, and provide grammar as it is needed by the learner.

Trust and Connection

We build relationships of trust between teacher and learner and often have relationships and connections that last years, allowing learners to have a ‘mirror’ of their progress over time

Our newest courses


Teaching Impactful Conversation Lessons

Our flagship program is a six week training course for teachers on how to teach using The Plant Method. Unlock your earning potential by learning how to plan less, achieve more, and make more money!

I want to plan less and achieve more!

English for Teachers

Don’t let your language deteriorate! Join our small group classes of high level English specially designed for teachers. Covering a wide variety of topics, we’ll use all the idioms and phrasal verbs we wish! No more language grading!

If you don’t have time for a course, you can learn about my asynchronous learning program, or simply buy access to my lesson plans!

I want to level up my English skillz!

Small Group English Lessons

Are you frustrated with coursebooks and not having a chance to speak and be corrected? Join our small group (max 4 people) group lessons and see the PLANT method in action!

I want to speak and build my vocab and confidence!

I have worked with Jen for many years, she is not only a reliable and versatile supplier of language courses to company, but also my own tutor. I divide my English studies into a BEFORE Jen and AFTER Jen stage. Before I met her, studying was more or less an unpleasant duty for me. Since Jen has been teaching me, English lessons have been a pure joy for me. She brings optimism, empathy, wit and humour to our conversations. I don’t even know how it happened, but I soon moved from the perpetual A2 level to a B2 start.

And how could this miraculous shift have happened?

It’s because of Jen’s unique method of teaching with a focus on conversation. Jen hands me almost an A4 of notes and pictures from each lesson. She always summarises what I’ve used correctly or what I need to watch out for. This includes grammar and pronunciation. From these notes, I have created my own textbook that is tailored to my personality and my needs.

Zdeňka Jochcová
Zdeňka Jochcová - HR Senior Specialist, AVE

Jen is an amazing English teacher with a great personality! Our company cooperates with Jen for a few months already and our colleagues love her! All our 15-ish colleagues-students are so happy to improve their English knowledge as her methods are tailored and customised for each person directly. We have 4 different groups with 3-5 people, but Jen manages the classes in a way that everybody gets the necessary attention with a focus on their needs. From a cooperation standpoint, I cannot ask for a better person to work with than Jen as she is independent and I can trust her to manage all the groups on her own with the desired English skills improvements.

Zelo Doan, Office Ops at OAK'S LAB

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