A Canadian Living in the Czech Republic

I’m Jen! I’m from Canada originally, but I now call the Czech Republic my home. (Ano, ja mluvím česky! – Yes, I speak Czech!) I began teaching in 2015 at the largest language school in the country, James Cook Languages. Soon I was promoted to Senior Teacher and given the responsibility of mentoring and coaching new teachers.

Now I’m on a mission to change the way we teach and learn languages. I designed and crafted The PLANT Method after thousands and thousands of hours in the classroom, both in person and online, to suit the needs of my adult learners of English. In my lessons, learners have autonomy, they use their language to discuss topics that are of authentic interest to them, and gradually build their vocabulary and deepen their grammar.

When not teaching, I can be found in my cottage on the outskirts of Brno. My partner and I are trying to get close to off-grid living, so I’m chopping wood, building solar dehydrators, and helping in the garden. I also love reading, writing, and drinking craft beer with friends.

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