What does PLANT stand for?

The PLANT Method is based on ideals of mutual respect, trust, and appreciation for each person’s life and experiences. Strong relationships are built between the learner and the teacher. Underpinning every lesson are the following ideals:

Personalised Lessons = Lessons that are based on each learner’s own life, experiences, and interests

Acceptance = The teacher accepts the learner’s language level, motivation, preparation for the lesson, there is no judgement and no shaming

Nurturing = The teacher supports the learner in their development, giving them space to grow, adding grammar and vocabulary when needed

Trust = The teacher trusts that the learner can express themselves in the target language, there is equality in the lessons as the experience is co-created together

What do the lessons look like?

Lessons generally follow one of these three formats:

Pure conversation and discussion – This is ideal for talkative learners are interested in maintaining or increasing their level and having conversation. They need little prompting to speak, and the teacher focuses on asking follow-up questions and providing error correction and ‘upleveling’ the language. Topics are diverse throughout the conversation itself.

Topic-based discussion – This is great for individuals and groups. Learners in groups take turns preparing a topic for discussion before the lesson. During the lesson, the teacher provides a review, some grammar, vocabulary, or other instruction, and then the learner leads the discussion of the topic of choice for the lesson.

Vocabulary and Feedback Focused discussion – This is ideal for learners who really want to improve quickly, so the teacher provides lots of review of previous material, some ‘bites’ of grammar, and the conversation is focused on the notes that are taken, errors made, and other feedback.

Check out a typical PLANT Method Warmup and Review!

I’m on a mission of connection.

I believe that skilled teachers can set their egos aside and give learners space to express themselves in a classroom that is free of judgment and shame.

Grammar is introduced naturally, as it is needed by the learner, and it’s always integrated into their own lives and experiences.

By sharing these learning moments together, we create authentic connections with each other. And with each connection, a little more love and understanding and respect enters the world.

For Teachers:

Teaching Impactful Conversation Lessons

Our flagship program is the six-week (or weekend intensive) PLANT Method training for teachers.

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Teachers as Learners

Don’t let your language deteriorate! Join our small group classes of high level English specially designed for teachers.

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Introduction to The PLANT Method for Teachers

Learn the basics of The Plant Method and how to use it in your classrooms. This one hour webinar will show you the core tips and tricks of the method which you can start using immediately!


For Learners:

Living a Heart-Centered Life

Our newest course for English language learners is based on a topic that is very dear to us: living a heart-centered life that is aligned with your dreams, desires, and purpose. For Intermediate levels and up.

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PLANT-Based Lunch Lessons

Attend our online lunch lessons based on interesting topics that change every week. We’ll discuss everything from Artificial Intelligence to Zambonis. As always, the teacher provides error correction and other feedback.

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Small Group English Lessons

Are you frustrated with coursebooks and not having a chance to speak and be corrected? Join our small group (max 4 people) group lessons and see the PLANT method in action!

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