I have worked with Jen for many years, she is not only a reliable and versatile supplier of language courses to company, but also my own tutor. I divide my English studies into a BEFORE Jen and AFTER Jen stage. Before I met her, studying was more or less an unpleasant duty for me. Since Jen has been teaching me, English lessons have been a pure joy for me. She brings optimism, empathy, wit and humour to our conversations. I don’t even know how it happened, but I soon moved from the perpetual A2 level to a B2 start.

And how could this miraculous shift have happened?

It’s because of Jen’s unique method of teaching with a focus on conversation. Jen hands me almost an A4 of notes and pictures from each lesson. She always summarises what I’ve used correctly or what I need to watch out for. This includes grammar and pronunciation. From these notes, I have created my own textbook that is tailored to my personality and my needs.


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