FOR LEARNERS: Webinars and Drop-In Lessons

Each webinar and drop-in lesson costs 600 Kc (Czech koruna). Upon registering for the webinar or lesson, you will be sent an invoice from our invoicing company, Fakturoid. Payment must be received before you can attend the webinar or lesson.

IT’S BETTER TO BUY IN BULK! (more at a time)

Buy a Six-Pack! Save money and time by buying a six-pack of webinars and lessons. The six-pack costs only 3000 Kc. Get six webinars or lessons for the price of 5! Mix and match – you can register and attend a mix of webinars or drop-in lessons!


We want to share our method with the world! Get five friends or coworkers to attend webinars or lessons and you get one for free! They simply place your name in the referral section of the registration form. When five people have used you as their referral, you automatically get a voucher for a free webinar or lesson!



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