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I had been an English teacher for about three years when it happened.

I was waiting at the bus stop with a student of mine, the HR director of my language school, and we were talking about some of the new teachers under my supervision.

And I said it.

“Working with teachers has really learned me a lot about my own teaching.”

She stared at me. Then she opened her mouth and laughed, brightly and gently teasing.

“Learned you?”

she repeated.


Has this happened to you, dear teacher? Have you graded your precious language for so long that you struggle to remember the higher-level grammar structures and vocabulary? Has a student asked,

“Why is it like this?”

and you are completely stumped?


I know the pain of having your language erode over time through constant grading, hearing the same mistakes over and over again, and not having enough opportunities to use the length and breadth of your English skills.

Do you know what my cheeky student said next?

“Jen, did you know that you can read books in English, watch YouTube or Netflix, and get more exposure to the language?”

(This was my advice to her when she got angry at the mistakes she made!)


I already cherish the time I spend with my American friends who aren’t teachers, listening carefully to what they say and how they say it. Through them, I keep somewhat on top of slang (I learned what an OG was not too long ago). I get some nice exposure. I do watch YouTube and Netflix in English. It’s barely enough.


But what do you do?

If you don’t have a group of American friends, if you watch Paw Patrol instead of Grey’s Anatomy, if you already have a million things on your plate and keeping your own English polished is important but you just don’t know how or when or how much it would cost…?

It is for you that I’ve created these offers, suitable for every circumstance and budget, of English for teachers.

Premium Offer: Small Group English Course (for teachers)

You’re gonna be amazed at what I’m offering as my premium, top-shelf, exotic product just for you.

– Only 4 teachers per course

– 60 minute online lessons once a week at a regular, fixed time

– Opportunities for group and pair discussions

– Error correction (reducing Czenglish or other L1 related mistakes you might make)

– Lots of review activities to help you retain all the new info you receive


Show me the magic, Jen!

I plan a lesson every week, and you have the freedom to choose how much of that plan you engage with – you also receive that plan before the lesson so you know what to expect each week

– You have complete access to my lesson plans, which you are free to duplicate, pirate, and use as much as you wish in your own teaching/language coaching practice, this includes quizzes, grammar explanations, and games!! (An enormous value all on its own)

– I take extensive notes, which you have complete digital access to, and this acts as your personal ‘textbook’

– I practice topic-sharing, which means that each teacher takes a turn finding an article or video that serves as the basis of the following week’s discussion, so you will be exposed to a lot of great new ideas

– Discussion guidance, you’ll have opportunities to practice leading and guiding these discussion of your chosen topic when it’s your turn, you will gain confidence in sharing your voice and ideas

– Homework, while optional, is where you can practice your writing skills


All for the low cost of 2000 Kc/month (roughly equal to 500Kc per lesson)


What’s in the fine print?

– The rate is fixed, no matter if you attend all the lessons or not in that month

– The date and time is fixed, it will not be rescheduled if you have a conflict

– When you miss a lesson, you’ll have access to a recording of that lesson for one month

– Remember, when you miss a lesson, you still have access to all the prepared plans, resources, and notes from that lesson, so you can conduct your own self-study that week


Click to send me an email and schedule a free, 15 minute “chemistry” call to make sure we are a good fit for each other.


listen to me talk about small group courses for teachers

testimonials from satisfied teachers


The Plant Method helped me to create a space in my lessons in which students genuinely discuss different topics and I’m always surprised by the amount of new ideas we discover together with vocab, grammar, and pronunciation. Jen gave me the courage to let my students take an active part in shaping our lessons. It’s more fun for all of us and the learning is faster.

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Asynchronous Learning

For those who cannot commit to a fixed lesson for whatever reason, I also offer a unique asynchronous learning product. Have you tried asynchronous learning? It might be perfect for busy parents who just need some guidance and coaching on their path.


Asynchronous PLANT Program

– Every Monday by noon, your notes file will be updated with the lesson that I’ve prepared for that week. You will study on your own, making your own notes, taking the quizzes, etc.

– We will still practice topic sharing. Each week we will take turns choosing an article or video that serves as the foundation of our written/recorded reflection.

– Each week you can send in either a written or recorded reflection on the topic of the week. I will listen or read it and respond. This happens asynchronously, meaning you can work on your contribution at your leisure, as will I, yet we still make progress.

I will post follow-up questions and conduct delayed correction in your notes file


My personalised asynchronous learning program is also very affordable, a low 1500 Kc per month.

Spots are LIMITED, so act now!

To find out more about asynchronous learning and if it’s right for you, click on this button to send me an email, and we’ll get started!


wanna learn more about asynchronous learning?

Just some Inspiration

If all you need is some inspiration for your own self-study and learning, you can simply have access to my lesson plans. I create a new plan every week, that is suitable for A2 to C1 level learners.

The price is a monthly subscription of 400Kc.

Click here to view (and download, if you wish) a sample lesson plan from week 19 of this year – Stressful Situations and Tricky English (in the end x at the end)

A sample graphic from this lesson plan: (click the graphic to view and download)

To learn more about using my lesson plans for your own self-study, or as resources for your lessons, click here:

Gimme great materials!

save time and get inspired with my materials!

What students say


I most appreciate the reviews of the previous lessons, the very clear notes from lessons with added topics for further discussions and grammar bites that do not take too much time and are therefore better remembered. I also like warmup questions, which make it easier for me to switch thinking from Czech to English, moreover they are often very interesting as a topic for discussion.


I enjoy the lessons, including our humor. What helps me the most are the reviews with pictures, grammar bites and also mutual suggestions for videos or articles.

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