For EVERYONE – A PLANT-based lunch with Jen

Audience: Both Learners (A2 to C2) and Teachers of any Language

What We’ll Learn: Are you curious how learning actually works? In this series of webinars, we’re looking at HOW we learn, especially from an adult point of view.  What are the roles of teacher and learner? What is learner autonomy? How can learners better remember vocabulary and grammar, or deal with motivation, and gain the confidence they need to express ourselves in a foreign language?

These are interactive, enjoyable webinars where you work together in small groups to explore topics related to language and language learning.

Duration: 50 minutes

Frequency: Every two weeks on Mondays, from 12:10 to 13:00

Price: 600 Kc per session, OR BUY FIVE and GET SIX webinars! We call this a “six-pack”

Maximum Capacity: 20 participants – First come, first served (Whoever registers and pays first will be invited to the online event) All others will be placed on a waiting list.

Please Note: The title is a ‘play on words’. No actual lunch will be provided. This is ‘food of the mind’.

Show Me Events!

For LEARNERS – Drop-In English Conversation Classes

Audience: Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1), Intermediate (B1-B2), and Upper-Intermediate/Advanced (B2-C1) Learners of English

What We’ll Learn: See the PLANT Method in action and use your English skills in an interactive, small group environment. You’ll have a chance to speak about your interests and experiences with other learners, and the Teacher will help you with immediate error correction and grammar instruction.

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: Every two weeks

Price: 600 Kc per session, OR BUY FIVE and GET SIX webinars! We call this a “six-pack”

Maximum Capacity: 8 participants – First come, first served. (Whoever registers and pays first will be invited to the online event). All others will be placed on a waiting list.

Yes, I Wanna Talk!

For TEACHERS: PLANT Method Three Month Teacher Training Course

Audience: Teachers of any language with at least one year of teaching experience who teach older teens and adults in small groups

What We’ll Learn: You will learn about PLANT methodology, including the foundational skills required for both teachers and learners. We will uncover the core PLANT Method techniques of revision, assigning brilliant homework, and giving feedback (error correction and praise). We will also look at monetising your new skills and how to grow your teaching schedule (if that’s your goal!). There will be lots of interaction between the teachers and with the trainer.

We’re looking for PLANT Method Teachers! We have learners who want this style of teaching, and we need teachers for our drop-in classes of English. We also want to expand our drop-in classes to include Czech, German, French, Spanish… Teachers who successfully complete this training may be eligible to join our teaching team!

Duration: three months

Frequency: Two webinars a month, always on Wednesday or Thursday evening

Price: PLANT-RICH Training is 9000 Kc, PLANT-LITE Training is 6000 Kc. For more details, click the button below.

Maximum Capacity: 15 participants

I want to learn more!

For LEARNERS: Adult Beverage Night

Audience: Any English language speaker, level B1 and up

What We’ll Learn: The Czech Republic is famous for its beer and brewing. Learn more about Czech beer, including craft and small breweries, how beer is made, and how to taste and rate beer you taste.

We haven’t forgotten wine! The Czech Republic also has amazing wine, in vineyards across the country. We’ll learn about growing grape vines, the process of wine-making, and how to taste and enjoy local wine.

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

Frequency: Once a month

Price: 600 Kc per session, OR BUY FIVE and GET SIX webinars! We call this a “six-pack”

Maximum Capacity: 20 participants, first come, first served.

Please note: BYOB – Bring Your Own Beer – We’ll send you the details in advance so you can purchase the beers for tasting during the event. No actual adult beverages will be provided. (It’s sad, I know.)

Gonna Drink with New Friends

We are committed to inclusivity.

Jen, the Founder, identifies as lesbian. All events will be safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Learning a foreign language isn’t possible for everyone’s budget. We are pleased to provide a limited number of scholarships for individuals who are in need.

These scholarships will apply to all our experiences and events.

If you are in need, and are interested in a scholarship, please send an email to Jen at Share a bit of your story with her and she’ll see what she can do for you.

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